Julie's Memories | About Me
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About Me

Julie’s Memories was created by Julie Ng. ┬áBorn in UK, she is currently working as a Freelance Illustrator and Fashion Designer.


Her passion to illustrate began at an early age where she was inspired by animations and always wanted to draw all things beautiful. Since then onwards, she picked up a pencil and paper and drew until she knew that designing and illustrating was her passion.


After studying her degree in Fashion Marketing and Masters in Fashion at Northumbria University, she went and worked for various companies as Sportswear and Graphics Designer, and as an Editor too. It had taken her quite some time to accept that she wants to illustrate and follow her dreams:


“What I love about designing and illustrating? I simply deep down want to create beautiful designs for people to wear, to have at home to make them self, beautiful. The power of beauty is strong and I want to make everyone feel beautiful and treasure beautiful memories”.


Julie’s Memories is a collection of her inspirational work that she would like to share to you all.

If you would like to work with Julie’s Memories, contact her here.